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Welcome to NATE FOR LESS, an eCommerce platform that brings New York's most affordable and stylish fashion and accessories to you through their "personal Shopping Service." We provide top-quality custom fashions and accessories by making shopping simple for all.


The existing Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms") govern Your (the "User") relationship with NATE FOR LESS ("Company," "we" or "us"). Its objective is to keep track of and regulate your access to and usage of (the "Website"), regardless of whether you're a registered member or engage with our products in any other way through our platform.

Any of the following phrases and the inclusion of terms like solitary, multiplicity, capitalization, and/or he/she or they are considered equivalent and hence relate to the same subject.


Before exploring, reading, using, or purchasing from the Website, please read the "Terms and Conditions" thoroughly. You agree to comply with the Terms & Conditions by using the service. Please do not continue using this Website if you do not consent to or accept the Terms & Conditions mentioned on this webpage.


The publicly accessible information is open to visitors or maybe accessed without revealing any personal information. On the other hand, certain products may demand the consumer to submit confidential info. We use the information you supply to improve our infrastructure support, such as keeping data and updates, enhancing our help and our Website, telling you of changes, updating you of new products to purchase, and alerting you of new promotions.


In order to use our platform for shopping goods and services, or to order personalized items, fashion products, and accessories, the user must first register/sign up/submit personal information online. To finalize your purchase or place an order, we'll require your login, contact information, residence address, and email address.


If the Company's rights are breached, NATE FOR LESS has the authority to limit or cancel a user's account or suspend login access at any time.


NATE FOR LESS assures that all information given is kept private. We never utilize or misuse your confidential material, including Personal Data. We do not disclose or share personal data with third parties, associations, or people in accordance with the regulation.


NATE FOR LESS places a high value on the protection of privacy, identities, and data provided to us. We take reasonable precautions to prevent illegal access to or use of your Personal Information. However, we cannot ensure that the Private Data you (the user) submit, communicate, or divulge over our Website or through email is totally safe and secure.


Users are not permitted to replicate, alter, communicate, broadcast, publish, license, sell, produce, or redistribute any of the content, goods, materials, services, or resources available on this Website without the prior authorization of the management.


Some of the materials, commodities, and services offered by a company on our Website may include third-party links. NATE FOR LESS offers no claims or guarantees concerning third-party material, items, or services, and takes no potential obligations for them. NATE FOR LESS does not respond to third parties' product reviews, disputes, issues, or inquiries. They should be forwarded to a third party.


NATE FOR LESS sends an email to its clients when an order is placed. However, we are not accountable for any delays caused by your email restrictions blocking our communications. Please change your spam filter option that allows emails from our NATE FOR LESS email addresses to pass through.


NATE FOR LESS makes every effort to keep our prices as cheap as possible. However, our price may fluctuate in reaction to market needs. We are not obligated to fulfill pricing that appears in print, or that results from a typing error. NATE FOR LESS reserves the right to alter its price policies in response to changes in the economy.


NATE FOR LESS goes to great lengths to guarantee that the merchandise is represented accurately in terms of design, price, and substance. However, human or computer errors can happen, and if that happens, your transaction will be refunded based on the proof.


A distribution agreement regulates all purchases at NATE FOR LESS. This means that when you hand over such items to the carrier, you take on the risk of their damage and possession.


By using or browsing the NATE FOR LESS service, you acknowledge the use of cookies in accordance with the NATE FOR LESS Terms and Conditions.

Cookies are being used on our Website to enhance the accuracy of specific parts. Cookies may be used in some affiliate/advertising connections.


All trademarks, products, and goods, including information and other types of content on NATE FOR LESS, are owned by NATE FOR LESS and/or its licensees unless otherwise specified in the agreement. NATE FOR LESS owns all trademarks, and they may not be used unless NATE FOR LESS' criteria is fulfilled.

You should not:
  • Make a profit by selling products purchased from NATE FOR LESS
  • Lease or rent products from NATE FOR LESS
  • Plagiarize, replicate, or steal NATE FOR LESS products
  • Re-brand NATE FOR LESS products


Any dispute or complaint between the user and NATE FOR LESS resulting from these Terms of Service, the Website, or any operating company (a "Claim") will be addressed using one of the methods mentioned below.

We strongly suggest you to send a written petition to work out an agreement. If a party wants to proceed to arbitration, it must do so through an agreed-upon recognized alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") provider. Both the ADR supplier and the clients must adhere to the

following rules:

  • Depending on the process specified by the party seeking arbitration, the investigation will be performed over the phone, through the internet, or just via paper entries.
  • Unless the participants specifically agree differently, the arbitrator will not urge the participants or witnesses to present in person.
  • A single arbitrator will decide the case; and
  • Any government organization can use the arbitrator's decision to make a decision.


You agree to hold NATE FOR LESS, its representatives and senators, related companies, patrons, descendants, executive officers, supervisors, consultants, network operators, distributors, and legislative bodies harmless from any allegation or demand originating from or related to any information you send, publish, or provide access to, whether directly or indirectly, including legal fees, judicial fees, and other authorized expenditures and liabilities.


To the fullest extent permitted by applicable legislation, NATE FOR LESS excludes certain warranties, assertions, and representations relating to our Website, including our Website's usage. Nothing in this declaration should be construed as implying:

  • Reduce or eliminate our or your responsibility in the case of death or physical injury.
  • Reducing or removing our or your responsibility in the event of fraudulent or a legal warranty violation;
  • Restrict our or your responsibility in any way not permitted by law; or
  • Remove any duties you or we have that aren't specifically forbidden by law.

The limitations and exclusion of responsibility specified in section and elsewhere in this disclaimer: (a) are applicable to the first section; and (b) applies to all responsibilities arising out of the allegation, including all those arising from contractual, negligent, or statutory obligation breaches.

NATE FOR LESS will not be responsible for any loss or injuries of any sort as long as the Web page, its content, and services are free.


NATE FOR LESS has the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Disclaimer and Liability Restrictions at any time.

If our Terms & Conditions are changed or updated, we will update our Website with the new agreements. If you continue to use our Webpage after we have notified changes, you agree to the updated Terms and Conditions.


If you have any unanswered questions or issues about our Terms & Conditions, please get in touch with our customer support team at and we will respond.